When we feel good in our bodies, we are strong, confident, balanced and happy.

If you crave a fun, non-intimidating, inspiring fitness experience that will gently challenge you, check us out.

We are a beautiful, spacious boutique studio in the heart of downtown Brattleboro Vermont offering Heated Vinyasa Yoga, Indoor Cycling (Spin), Barre, Strength & Conditioning, TRX Personal Training & More. Our classes accommodate ALL levels of fitness so start where you are & do what you can. You will feel at home with our personable, expert instructors and vibrant, welcoming community. Check out our new expanded Studio!

Bodhi is sanskrit for Buddha, and represents a state of awakening to the true nature of things, being freed from ego.

 At BODHIFIT, we create a sacred space of intention where everyone who enters will be inspired to experience what's possible for them in order to live a higher expression of who they are. Through the inquiry of strengthening and opening our bodies and hearts we explore living a healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life.

Hot Vinyasa Yoga - Cool Fitness

Awaken your vitality with the flow of vinyasa yoga in the heat!

Fitness Classes by Body in Harmony:

Spin - High Cardio, Low Impact Exercise

Burn serious calories, tone your legs, strengthen your heart and lungs, connect mind and body. Be prepared to sweat!

Strength and Conditioning

Do you want a total body workout that is non-intimidating, noncompetitive, geared to meet your fitness goals and capabilities and gets you fit and feeling good about yourself?


Incorporating a combination of pilates, yoga and ballet movements to sculpt every inch of your body.


Southern Vermont Yoga at its Best