Expansion! life a construction zone~ the tenacious process of demolition and rebuilding.

 It is NO coincidence that I am finding myself in the throws of expanding my yoga studio at this moment in time, now.

The expansion is overdue and as badly as I wanted it, over the last few years of turning students away from full classes, I wasn’t able to make it happen.

There were forces (internal and external) keeping me tethered to a small space.

The process of expansion involves getting real about what’s not working for you in your life, gathering bucketloads of courage and giving yourself permission to do something about it rather than ignoring it or telling it to F off with another glass of wine perhaps coupled with a decadent chocolate cupcake laden heavy with creamy frosting.

The process of expansion then undeniably involves the stormy process of “letting go of what no longer serves you.” 

This seemingly worn out, frayed at the edges phrase casts its timeless presence through the lips of many yoga instructors and weaves itself firmly into the fabric of life itself. 

As simple as this phrase appears, it offers a most profound challenge.

The undertaking of honoring one’s truth and letting go might prove to be easier than you thought or it may be the most arduous, heart breaking, soul wrenching, gut twisting AND necessary experience that you have ever had. 

This process of demolition will crack you wide open in order to stretch the wings of freedom and unearth a grander more authentic expression of you.

As the initial structures fall, shaking the very foundation you stand on and releasing the grip of any control you thought you had, soon many more will collapse in its wake throwing you upside down and sideways as if getting plowed by a wave and tossed into a bruising spin cycle of sand, seaweed and surf leaving you gasping for breath---waking the next morning, after having showered the night before, to find more seaweed and sand tumbling about in the bedsheets.

It is a messy, chaotic process and YET in its midst CAN we catch a glimpse of how the debris lays beautifully scattered?

As we evolve, life changes and Shift Happens!

Change is constant although most of us humans strive to maintain status quo, struggle to remain comfortable and cling to what’s familiar and attempt to settle in. 

The fear of change, of hardship and of loss keeps us anchored.

In the efforts to resist change you will experience suffering. Let it go, and you are free.

We learn that life in its impermanence entails the relentless falling away and the creating anew, a steady construction site of demolition and rebuilding.

When we allow ourselves to extract from the forces that hold us back anything is possible.

The falling apart is necessary to create a space for something new and finer.

We reach for our level to establish a horizontal plane in the efforts to fabricate a well-balanced, congruous structure. We fasten the nails for strong foundation. We select the materials, colors and fabrics that resonate with who we are now. The more subtle and harmonious details continually unfold in our mind as the space expands.

We rebuild.

 “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”`Anais Nin