WARNING: Your Yoga Practice WILL Change Your Life Whether You Like It or Not.

The practice of yoga has the ability to transform us from the inside out, and perhaps those working from the outside finding themselves going inward if they are given the space and permission and gentle guidance to do so.

Unfortunately many western classes disassociate the inner practice of yoga with the physical practice of yoga. In some instances, Yoga itself has become glamorized and commodified and does not allow the practitioner to access the deeper meanings within themselves. Yoga is then seen as egotistical and reflecting only its outer container, the body and primarily focusing on looking good. Statistics taken in 2016, show that $9,300,000.000 is spent annually in the US on yoga accessories (clothing, mats etc...).

When you first practice yoga you may spend the first few classes or years trying to prove something, prove your strength to avoid vulnerability, to get the poses “perfect “ in order to please your teacher, or simply to look good and avoid looking bad.

The ones that do remind you of your inner world, to be present with what's below the physical surface and to meet yourself in a space of acceptance and compassion will transform you on many levels.

When you devote yourself to your yoga practice, consistently returning to your mat, you will strengthen and tone your body physically, enhance your flexibility, find an internal and external balance, calm the mind and foster the desire to nourish yourself in other healthy ways. These may include not only what you ingest, but what kind of people you invite and allow into your personal space, what you are willing to negotiate or what is no longer negotiable.

 When you are guided to inward introspection, you are reminded to let go of what you're no longer willing to settle for, to let go of what you are unable to control, to let go of all that stands in your way to serving your authentic Self as you discover who that is. You gain more awareness into your body, your emotions and how your mind operates. 

You open to what is possible for you.

You may find that you want to settle for MORE.

This opening allows you to witness and experience where you're holding back in your life, exposing yourself to your inner truth, perhaps the one that you have been denying, avoiding and numbing with pastries & wine... because you don’t want to look at your own suffering and sadness and you sure as hell wouldn't want to create discomfort in rocking any boats in fear of change.

When you witness someone else honor their truth, can you help but feel it stir something within yourself? 

Will your own truth be awakened by others who make that bold move into their own greatness, are courageous enough to push through the fear and take the risk to change their life because they know they must or alternatively wither away from an internal death caused by being inauthentic with themselves?  

That truth that has been buried beneath the surface yet gently glowing like a warm ember in the chambers of your heart and in the hearth of your gut will ignite a lick of flame and the warm sensation will rise from the depths of your chest, and burst through the surface as a cellular resounding “YES!” And you will know.

The truth has its own driving force with in us and when given an opening~LOOK OUT! 

Try corralling a thunderbolt, hold back a current or contain a rainstorm with your bare hands. It could potentially change your life for good, and for the greater good even though in the process it appears your life is crumbling apart and you find that you’ve lost all vision of what your future could potentially hold.

Trust the timing of this space of opening. Trust the unfoldment of you life.

Let go of what you think it should look like and open up to the truth of what is before you.

When you can finally come to a place of allowing yourself to breakdown and come apart, to be vulnerable, raw and REAL ~this humbling opens you up to the truth of who you are & gives you the gift of compassion. You see clearly what you struggle with, what you are grateful for, what hidden truths exist beneath the surface, what negative thoughts arise, the judgements and analytical commentary that sweeps through the mind exposing all of the light and dark shades of being human...

When you can look at all THAT with compassion and acceptance you cannot help but be transformed.

When you move, sweat and breath out the layers of accumulated stress,come present to what's real in the moment, release the resistance to what is, press beyond the boundaries of comfort and stretch into a new way of being, you will grow and you will transform whether you like it or not. 

The hidden truths that knot you up inside will unravel and come to the surface, like seaweed on a wave.  You cannot help but to connect to deeper parts of yourself and return to a known wisdom within that you can trust to guide you when you are brave enough to simply be honest with your self.

It is simply the TRUTH. This is an awakening. It may not be want you think you want, It may never have been what you expected or desired and it may not look the way you want it to look.

AND it may be just the thing that will allow you to finally break free and shine more gloriously than you knew was possible.