Don't Look Back, You're Not Going That Way!

 Reflections on the Season 

Autumn is a time of letting go and releasing what has been a burden, accepting the impermanence of things and a time to let go of what we cling to that keeps us from expressing the greatest versions of our Self.

Trust in the timing of things that need to fall away.

The Autumn equinox, on Sept. 22, follows fresh off the heels of the full harvest moon and the intensity of the third lunar eclipse carrying with that a strong emotional intensity of breaking free from what we have allowed ourselves to settle for. 

Instead fire up the courage to go after what truly resonates within your own inner integrity and allow for true self alignment. 

What’s being asked of us is to follow our hearts no matter what tugs and pulls on us to resist change.The energies are open to explore what’s possible in a healthy love relationship and to embrace the love that we deserve and desire: are you ready?

What is it that needs to be expressed within you?

Will you face the undeniable internal force that is challenging you to let go? And in that same breath will you face what resists that and challenges you to hold on?

So, we have the choice to breathe deep and have the courage to look into our own internal struggle to simply bear witness to what’s revealed by the light while simultaneously creating space to feel all that’s there that stirs us on so many levels and perhaps awaken to clearer perspective and purpose.

We are constantly and silently pulled by many forces that dictate our actions or non action. 

Fall is a season for balancing the forces of light and dark. Far too often we fear the dark.  How can one befriend the darkness? 

We allow the darkness to be a place of slow, steady gestation and a still quiet space of refuge needed to expand. We trust that the darkness is serving our soul’s growth. 

The light is there to guide us forward as we let go of past hurts, bitterness, relationships that no longer serve us, anger and resentments. Hanging onto all this will only act as poison in your own systems and thus create dis-ease. 

Now is the time to detox and cleanse yourself from all that's not serving YOU, let it go and allow for a healthier possibility for yourself.