Our heads are spinning over crazy headlines, our hearts are breaking over personal traumas and greater world events. Our emotions can feel stirred to the surface and spin into directionless turmoil. Somehow we need to get a grip.

We need and desire to function in our own lives. We crave balance and grounding in order to feel good, to be able to follow through with our personal responsibilities, to serve the greater good of our communities and touch human kind in a positive way.

Simple Tips for getting an F'in GRIP:

  1. BREATHE: breathing properly allows your nervous system to track back into balance, create calm in the body and let the gripping angst of the mind to release. Proper breathing first involves drawing the breath deep into your gut and expanding your belly, then allow the breath to continue to rise filling the torso and feeling the ribs expand, then fill the chest. Allow a deep release of the EXHALE. When we are stressed out or in fear we only breathe into the upper part of the chest, tightening neck and shoulders and not engaging the relaxation response (parasympathetic nervous system) and remain in the mode of stress (Flight or Flight Response). Practice taking deep breaths throughout the day to keep yourself centered. This will also allow you to come from a more centered place to act rather than react and to recover from or prevent losing your shit.

  2. THE F BOMB : “FCK it!” ...Drop the F bomb as needed. However, apply it wisely & appropriately~for example alone in your car, outside in the woods, in your closet, with friends/family who can handle or also use the F bomb. Be mindful not to explode it around young children, throwing it out in a coffee shop, dropping it in line at the grocery store, blasting the innocent bank teller-you get the point...and then practice your deep breathing!

  3. EXERCISE: moving your body is vital to getting stress to exit your muscles and tissues and also helps to clear the mind of that exhausting mental chatter. Exercise triggers your body to release endorphins, “feel good” chemicals, allowing for a positive energizing outlook on life. So, go for a brisk walk, take a hike, dance around wildly in your underwear, go for a bike ride, run...whatever form of movement that makes you feel good. Get motivated and just do it, and you will feel better!

  4. GET OUT IN NATURE: Reset by soaking up the nourishing energy of the natural world. Nature provides calming energy, It recharges us and helps boost mental health. Go surround yourself in it and realize the calm place within you.

  5. MEDITATE: Sit comfortably, close your eyes and keep directing your focus to the breath. Allow the thoughts to come and go without dwelling on or getting lost in them. Just be witness to the moment. Each time the mind wanders, you come back to being here and now. That’s it in a nutshell. To practice staying present is the most powerful place to be because its the only moment where your LIFE is happening. Meditation decreases stress, anxiety and depression, calms the body & mind, Increases mental focus, concentration and creates health and happiness.

  6. DO YOGA: Yoga provides the opportunity for moving out the crazy, letting go of stress and bringing all systems back into harmony and balance. Yoga offers a host of benefits on ALL levels-physical,mental,emotional and spiritual by creating strength and flexibility in the physical body, calming the mind and creating clarity from connecting to an inner source of wisdom. Commit to a weekly practice and feel the shift happen.

  7. CONNECT to YOUR TRIBE: surround yourself with people who have your back, touch your heart, make you hungry for life and nourish you soul. Life is too short and precious to hang with those that don’t or those who are threatened by you thriving.

  8. LAUGH OUT LOUD: laughter is powerful medicine. It fuels a healthy immune system, decreases pain, releases stress and allows us to feel uplifted from all that pulls us down. Hang with your bestie’s and/or watch a comedy, make it happen.

" Let go of what you can’t control and know that you have within you the POWER to control how you choose to respond!”