OPEN YOUR HEART♡: 8 Ways to Deepen Your Connection With Others

1. Smile

It only takes a second to offer someone a smile and in an instant create a sweet connection. You never know the impact a heartfelt smile has and may be that perfect moment in which someone needs the uplifting, kind energy a smile exudes to simply make their day. 

2. Make Eye Contact

It's been said that the eyes are the window into the soul. A powerful way to connect is to offer your presence through making eye contact. This creates a space of trust and safety allowing another to open up. 

3. Be Present

One of the greatest gifts you can give another is to simply be present. Give your full, undivided attention by putting the phone away, letting go of distractions and feel the connection deepen.

4. Truly Listen

Are you really listening to the other person or are you contemplating in head how you are going to respond? Are you judging the other or swept up in the inner dialogue that runs unconscious commentary? Or are you constantly interrupting? You hear them speak but you are truly not listening. Breathe, Practice listening with you heart and get out of your head. Connect to true listening and truly be there for the people in your life.

5. Show Love

Turn love into a verb and show it! Don't hold back expressing appreciation for another. Take on simple acts of making someone laugh, offer a shoulder or a foot rub,  cook a delicious nourishing meal, hold her hand, write him a love note...

6. Spend Quality Time

Carve out time to be with your loved one/s. Make an effort to schedule that date or activity, as well as creating some quiet time for yourself.

7. Communicate Openly & Honestly

Relationships require open, honest, compassionate communication in order to thrive.  Dropping blame and defensiveness and engaging in heartfelt communication only serves to deepen a healthy connection.

8. Be Bold, Be You

Be authentically, unapologetically you. Masking who you are doesn't serve you, the other or heartfelt connection. Move through the fear of rejection in your head, allow yourself to be vulnerable, share your self with others and create that deep connection.