A Reminder, with Love♥️

It is only in THIS moment, standing in presence, that we can move forward through whatever we must face in order to grow.

It is fear, the fear of thinking and of mistakingly believing that we are not enough, that we are weak, that we cannot handle our circumstances, that we are unworthy and somehow an epic fail.

All of this self-loathing dialogue that somehow has found it’s way on “repeat” in the ticker tape of our minds, takes us out at our knees, throwing us to the ground, not only blemishing our knees but paralyzing us physically, mentally and emotionally.

We react to the made up fear in our minds.

At the same time, the inner body eternally exists in it’s unstoppable, tenacious strength. It is unshakable, unlike the body. It is immovable and radiant with love -the stitching holding us together in wholeness.

Our mind does not understand this phenomena, yet it is through our hearts that dwell the faith and the strength to rise back up, to take a stand, no matter how weakly, how unbalanced or graceful.

Standing strong may not necessarily feel or look like a mountain, it may surface as a bodily heap collapsed on the floor crying or writhing in pain as we clutch at our heartaches.

We embody an energy that heals emotional wounds, that slices through the darkness to allow light to radiate and for the love that’s unconditional, to seep into our wary bones and into the depths of our knowing.

We need to be quiet so we can feel this.

Surround yourself in the solitude of nature in which god’s whisper can be heard more clearly and then close your eyes, let go of the fear through slow rhythmic breaths, relax the muscles of the body and release the gripping of the mind.

Fall into the lap of love.

Allow the hands of wisdom to caress your temple and the sweet breath of spirit to pour over your body.

You are enough.

You are worthy.

You are whole.

You are strong.

You are beautiful.

You are perfect in your imperfection.

You are.