Tis the Season...The Lighting of the Community Tree

I was asked, just days before the event, if I would give a holiday blessing at our local tree lighting .

So this is what I pulled together in the hope that I could reach across all walks of life regardless of age, experience and religion and serve to uplift and inspire my community like the magical twinkle of a holiday tree adorned in light:

The Evergreen tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals (Pagan and Christian) for thousands of years. It symbolizes eternal life as it retains it’s leaves all year round thus representing hope and new life.

This season is a special time, holy and sacred in that it lends an invitation into self-reflection around what is most important in our lives. We have an opportunity to allow what is petty to fall away and for what is relevant to rise from our hearts.

We have a burning desire as humans to be joyful, happy, inspired, content, to be able to express fully who we are without judgement, to love and be loved, to be fulfilled, connected and to experience freedom.

It is fullness in our hearts that move us from limitation and fear to expansion and love.

Do you want more joy, more energy, more happiness, more connection, more love in your life?

There is ONE simple tool that is available and free for you to implement and that is GRATITUDE.

Gratitude is a crucial quality to cultivate. It brings our attention into the present moment which is the only moment where miracles can unfold.

The deeper our appreciation, the more connected we are to the light within us, our true Self and the more life flows in ease and harmony.

This a season for magic. In the backdrop of the beauty of winter’s nature and all of the lights, we witness the beauty within ourselves when we open our hearts to generosity, kindness and compassion for one another.

This is an extraordinary season that inspires us to service, tending to those who are struggling, have less than ourselves, those who see less within themselves and have lost their way into the darkness.

Offering a loving gesture goes a long way: a smile, a warm meal, offering an ear to listen, a hug…simple acknowledgement and taking that moment to reach out in kindness can make all the difference. Remembering, that truly, we are all in this life together.

Let us be a beacon of light into the world in order to escape the darkness of fear and ignorance and arrive at the light of new possibility.

Close your eyes and take a deep breathe in through the nose, inhaling the life-force of gratitude, filling your hearts full of light and love. Now, exhale and allow the words from this next poem to inspire you in whatever way that it may…

May we love ever more.

May we motivate ourselves to committed love in action.

May we motivate ourselves to live the life

we wish to see in the world.

May we be the transformation we wish to see in the world.

From the inside out…From the roots branching upwards,

From the heart

to thought

to word

to action.

Through life’s trials and hardships,

We can rise beautiful and free.

~Julia Butterfly Hill

Let us shine our lights into the world on this beautiful dark snowy night!

Now open your eyes.

*click…the lights on the tree sparkle and radiate their magical glow. Through the slow, soft falling snow, the choir carolers pipe in with their beautiful, fragrant voices as cups of hot cocoa are nestled between warm our hands.