Autumn, How Can I surrender to you?

It's hard to say goodbye to the ease of summer. The heat of the sun kissing our skin and drawing us into the delight of warmth and freedom. The long hot days that call us to water, sand, and mountain tops, barefoot and nearly naked. The outdoor soirees that linger into the warm firefly lit night. The magic of camp fires. The romance of the bright moonbeams as they dance over the sound of laughter and music in the air. 

 We suddenly seem to transition into the bite of colder air and close up our toes in fall boots, wrap our bronzed skin with wool. The deep sigh at the pressure of putting those once abundant, colorful gardens to bed and observing those wood piles that need replenishing. The transitions into new work, carpooling, and our kids' rigid sports schedules can throw us into an initial stage of resistance or even dread.

So how do we surrender to a new season?

The Fall equinox is a perfect balance between seasons, poised and suspended as summer is behind us and winter before us. This state is ideal for reflection, for self-observation and introspection. A time to practice accepting change and let go of the resistance to natural forces which otherwise causes us to struggle.

This is an ideal time to practice "Aparigraha" non-grasping, non-attachment or non-possessiveness, the last of the 5 Yamas  (or restraints) in the 8-limbed path of yoga.

What are we holding onto a little too tightly?

Is it some physical, emotional or mental baggage we've collected through out life's journey? A box of photos or belongings of an old ex that collects dust and takes up space? That relationship that truly doesn't make us feel good? Judgements, negative opinions and beliefs? Let them go. Let them all go like the effortless release of the leaves from a tender breeze.

What is constant, is change. do we surrender?

1. Spend time in Nature: there is freedom and connection in the natural world. Tap into this effortless rhythm of life and center yourself.  Take a walk in the silence of the forest, along a leaf littered trail along a river, or a hike to the top of mountain and allow for this deeper connection to  inspire you to remember your SELF.

2. Be grateful: slough off negativity, let go of the pettiness  and allow yourself to smile, open your mind and heart in order to receive a fresher perspective.  

3. Get to your yoga mat: Breathe long, slow deep full breaths to get the body to release tension, and create calm. It is here we practice aparigraha in the letting go of our breath. If we were to hold it in too long, it's nourishing qualities turn toxic and create suffering. As we trust in the natural flow of breath and guide our bodies to move and breathe fully, we are filled with stronger life force energy.

4. De-clutter: Get rid of those things that do not bring you joy or serve you in a positive way, both in your work space and in your home.

when we let go, we are liberated.