Yoga For Mature Bodies... 


 YOGA FOR MATURE BODIES, will provide the guidance to heal from old injuries, train our bodies to become more resilient and offer the opportunity to practice yoga regardless of physical constraints. As we age, we experience overuse injuries – tender back, sore knees, creaky shoulders.  If we become injured, it takes longer to heal. This class will accommodate all levels of fitness and capability  while still honoring the athleticism and talents of the students.

Jo Schneiderman has taught yoga for 46 years and specializes in therapeutic applications of yoga.  She has applied the Iyengar method of yoga to recover from cancer and from the effects of a major car accident.  Jo can accommodate for a variety of specific needs including for people who can no longer sit on the floor. 

For more information, or to see whether the class is appropriate for you, please call Jo at 802 490-4890.