Kristin Cassidy


Kristin is a Kripalu Certified Yoga Instructor, RYT-200, owner of BODHIFIT, with 13 years of yoga teaching experience. Her yoga classes offer a challenging, compassionate and dynamic flow enabling students to connect breath awareness with postures. Students learn to strengthen, revitalize, balance and restore both body & mind. Kristin teaches a  fun, safe, inspiring class allowing students to be who they are as well as to access more of their own inner strength and wisdom.  She sees yoga as a means to accessing self-connection. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve, love and inspire community by living her truth through the practice of yoga.

             Sarah Dandelions


Sarah has been a student of yoga for 12 years. Core to her practice is the belief that health lies between the layers of the body. Thus if we learn how to move through these layers, we can heal our bodies. She has used this principle to create beautifully sequenced routines that have allowed her to move more freely, climb mountains, garden, shepherd sheep, and get on her mat. Her sole intention in teaching is to create a safe and comfortable space that holds opportunities for those of any skill level to experience complete freedom of mind and body, even if for a moment. She believes that through the continued practice of yoga, these moments will turn into minutes, hours, and eventually come to embody one’s entire routine. Sarah sees herself as a guide as opposed to a teacher, offering postures not as prescripts, but as entry ways. She therefore encourages students to see each practice not as a series of directed movements, but as a new inquiry into movements that help them explore a complete mind/body experience.  In this rich and welcoming environment, Sarah leads a moderate-paced vinyasa flow appropriate for a spectrum of practitioners. She invites everyone to come share in that space where she provides a focused, deep, yet warm and lighthearted class.


Jo Schneiderman


Jo started studying yoga 46 years ago and began teaching three years later. Her yoga practice and body were revived when she discovered the Iyengar Method of Yoga following a debilitating car accident. Jo approaches teaching yoga with respect for each individual's body, joy in the release yoga can bring, and a down to earth approach to ensure all participants can experience success. Jo teaches classes that are accessible to all bodies regardless of size, age, injury, and flexibility.  She uses an individual approach even in group classes, so she modifies each pose for students to ensure that all students have fun and benefit from her classes.  Jo completed a two-year teacher training program with Patricia Walden, Senior Iyengar Instructor, in 2001, and has continued her study with Iyengar trained or certified instructors Manuso Manos, Peentz Dubble, Christopher Beach, and Eileen Muir.

Come to Jo's class--work--stretch --and laugh! :-)




Serena Jenkins

Serena was first introduced to yoga as a teenager and has continued to cultivate her practice ever since. She draws her inspiration from various schools of yoga including Vinyasa, Kriaplu, Restorative and Power. Offering present time awareness  and a soulful experience through the senses, Serena integrates hand selected aromatherapy, and music as she creates a space of  peace, patience and safety to her students.  Nature, Buddhism and art inspire Serena's lifestyle and the way she teaches.

Nick Marchese  

Nick Marchese


It was Nick’s desire to experience the freedom of flight that inadvertently led him to yoga. At age 13, he built a parachute and jumped off the roof of his house. A fractured sacrum and five years of severe, intermittent back pain lead him to a chiropractor in 1988 who prescribed a handful of daily “stretches” (yoga in disguise). Not only did these yoga stretches heal his back, they showed him that there are safer ways to take "flight"! Since then he has studied yoga extensively with many great teachers and while he makes no claim to represent any particular school of yoga, his deepest influences come from Deb Neubauer, John Friend, Sianna Sherman and Desiree Rumbaugh of the Anusara yoga tradition. He has also spent many hours in classes taught by Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga teachers, including Eileen Muir, Rodney Yee and Richard Freeman, to name a few. The Yoga Master Paramahansa Yogananda was one of Nick’s earliest inspirations and continues to help him anchor his practice in the spiritual dimensions of the tradition.Nick’s practice has led him to realize that the vast freedom that beckoned all those years ago is as near as our own breath. The spaciousness of the sky exists within, and the breath is our link.In Nick’s class, there are no right or wrong ways to do yoga “asana”, or postures. Everything we do is a posture and we have the opportunity to bring our awareness, intention and intelligent participation to all of them. Here, we partner with the breath in “yoga asana” to remember and reclaim that infinite space within our own being, to realize that we have a choice in how we manifest ourselves in every posture, in every breath, in every moment of our life.