Moderate Heat Vinyasa Flow 

This yoga style awakens vitality through the flow of vinyasa in more temperate heat with music. Explore the fluidity and power of Vinyasa Yoga with the added support of detoxification, renewal and rejuvenation benefits of state of the art infrared heated room.

The room is heated to 80-85 degrees for increased mobility, flexibility, circulation and detoxification. Benefits of this type of infrared heat also includes good immune health, pain relief, better sleep and stress reduction.

A full rounded, dynamic class flowing through sun salutations, strengthening warrior poses, balances, heart opening poses, light core strengthening, deep stretching & relaxation. Challenge your edge  with compassion, inspiration & humor.  

Every student is guided to challenge themselves where and when they feel the draw and to take care and ease back when needed. Meet yourself where you are without the need to prove anything. Let's BREATHE!